keeping your computer unplugged as a way of extending the life of your battery

keeping your computer unplugged as a way of extending the life of your battery

Recently years,batteries and battery chemistry develop rather specifically, but without becoming overwhelmingly technical. He explains how batteries begin to fail, and suggests keeping your computer unplugged as a way of extending the life of your apple a1060 battery . I pulled the plug on mine as soon as I read the article, and I'm now writing this on battery power.

On the other hand, if you charge the battery and then pull the plug (so to speak), the battery discharges some, the voltage drops, and these reactions become less of a problem and your battery life goes up for apple a1045 battery . So the best things you can do is to charge the laptop (or cell phone, camera etc.) and once its charged, pull the plug. Your battery will thank you for it.

Remove the battery from the computer if you're like me and the laptop just sits on your desk for months at a time of Sony VGP-BPS10/B battery ,Sony VGP-BPS10/S battery . The only time I ever use the battery is when I go on infrequent trips. And that is the only time I need a charged battery.

The charging units need to be smarter and know to turn off when fully charged (some type of feedback?). Asking consumers to be constantly plugging/unplugging chargers is just a hassle when there are more user-friendly options available of apple a1022 battery . This also has relevance for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle owners, whose batteries have the same characteristics.

A car sitting in a garage for hours, full charged, is going to be slowly deteriorating the battery. Manufacturers may already be incorporating measures into battery packs to address this problem for Sony PCGA-BP71 battery , but this highlights just one of the many potential issues battery makers need to address in order to keep portable electrical devices functioning.

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