Ken Wilber in person at Boulder Integral Center! Aug 1st, 2pm

Ken Wilber comes to Boulder Integral! Saturday, Aug 1 2pm - 4 pm Standard $75 Boulder Integral Members $65 Read more event details and
register here.Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the leading integral philosopher of our time, Ken Wilber (representing Integral Life). We are deeply honored and excited about Ken selecting Boulder Integral to make his first public appearance for a Q & A in Boulder in over four years! We hope very much that you, your friends and family will join us at this great event.
At this event, we will explore:* Integral Consciousness: the beauty, goodness and truth of emerging realities* Integral Spirituality and Integral Life Practice * Science and Religion: Is there a marriage? * Application of Integral Theory to leadership, education, psychotherapy, politics, spirituality and more… * What is “AQAL?”“
Ken Wilber is one of the most important pioneers in the field of consciousness in this century. I regard him as my mentor. He is a source of inspiration and insight to all of us. Read everything he writes—it will change your life.”-Deepak Chopra
About Ken Wilber Ken Wilber is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, and is the first philosopher-psychologist to have his Collected Works published while still alive. Wilber is an internationally acknowledged leader and the preeminent scholar of the Integral stage of human development, which continues to gather momentum around the world. His many books, all of which are still in print, can be found at Some of his more popular books include Integral Spirituality; No Boundary; Grace and Grit; Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; and the “everything” books: A Brief History of Everything (one of his largest selling books) and A Theory of Everything (probably the shortest introduction to his work). Ken Wilber is the founder of Integral Institute, Inc., the co-founder of Integral Life, Inc., and the Senior Fellow of Integral Life Spiritual Center.Questions about this event? Please email

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