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I have been buying various car parts at a auto parts here in Broomfield for over 10 years. They are located at 120th and Main in the Safeway shopping center. When you buy some of the items they offer a more expensive model that includes a “Lifetime Warranty.” This extra expense is usually only a few extra bucks. What they should say when they sell you the more expensive product is “Would you like to purchase a more expensive model that has a limited lifetime warranty that does not cover the part if it wears out?”
Why would I pay extra for a product that is not covered if it wears out? (they dont tell you this when you pay the extra money for the product with the lifetime warranty) I think the point of a warranty is to cover a part if it no longer works. I have bought brake pads from the same place for years. In the past when the brake pads were worn out I brought them back and they gave me a set of brake pads for free. This was a great deal for me and it was the reason I paid extra for the brakes.
They have changed their policy and no longer warranty the brake pads when they wear out. I purchased some brake pads just a few days ago the sales woman told me to bring back the worn out pads and they would refund my money. When I brought them back she avoided me at first I went to the manager and told me the “Limited Lifetime Warranty Excludes Wear”. So he could not refund my money for the brakes.
I was also told by one of the employees that it was the “managers call” weather to warranty the brakes. When I bought the brakes I was not told “ this warranty is also only covered if the manager wants to cover it”
I called Customer Service and also got no where. I told the customer service agent that the warranty was misleading. I was told that calling it misleading was my opinion. I also let him know that I was told when I bought the brakes I was told to bring the worn out ones back for a refund. he said it didnt matter what the employee said. He said their policy changed a few years ago, and there was nothing he could do.
I have never been a believer in purchasing extended warranty’s. After this experience I will look closer at the purchases I make and what I am “Promised” at the time of the sale. I will also look closer for deceptive sales techniques. In this economy it is sad to see that corporate cpmpanies can have such little reguard for their customers.
I am aware that there are other choices available in Broomfield to purchase car parts. Advance Auto Parts and NAPA seem to have good prices and I know they have great people working there. I think I will start going there for my purchases.

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