Local Aerial Troupe Prepares to Celebrate International Women’s Day with a Show

Until recently, International Women’s Day has remained largely in the shadows as a somewhat obscure holiday only recognized in a handful of countries and celebrated in even less. WIth the current political climate, it is no wonder that it has skyrocketed in popularity and become increasingly celebrated both here and abroad. However, in a time of loud protests and marches, it is refreshing to see a local aerial troupe celebrate International Women’s Day using aerial artistry and dance to celebrate the strength and power of women.

In the Wings was officially founded in January 2018 by Fallon Voorheis-Mathews. After dancing, choreographing, and teaching in another aerial company for many years, Voorheis-Mathews took up the challenge of creating her own company. Her troupe slowly came together over several months as she recruited six dedicated and very talented women all of whom she had danced with before in other companies and shows. The fact that all of the dancers are female is merely a happy coincidence.

As an all female aerial dance troupe it is only fitting that they scheduled their first official show celebrating women on International Women’s Day. The show is titled Divine: A Celebration of Women and focuses not only on the power and courage of women, but the challenges they face as well.

“I’ve always considered myself a feminist,” Voorheis-Mathews explained. “I work in professions that are dominated by females, but even so, I still feel that males have an edge. I wanted to focus on how we can continue to overcome and break through that proverbial glass ceiling. I feel that if we share our stories and experiences through dance and the arts we are able to better connect with the people around us and just maybe help people form a new understanding of what it is to be a woman.”

Voorheis-Mathews went on to explain that this show has become a platform for the dancers to process their own past traumas and the negative experiences of women they are close to. Company dancer Cecilia Potter Whyel choreographed a touching piece inspired by her mother who was deported from her native Philippines for being a devoted activist. Other company members dive into the sobering and dark experiences that relate to the #metoo movement.

One of Voorheis-Mathews favorite pieces that she choreographed and dances in focuses on female sensuality. She created this particular piece because she has always “struggled with owning my sexuality and sensuality.” Growing up in a religious household where you are told sensuality is bad and wrong had a profound negative affect on her. She created this piece as a way to try and let that go and understand that sensuality is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Not only does this show touch on the struggles of women, it also highlights the fun and empowerment of being a woman as well with a number of pieces. One piece is a fun interpretation of the “Cell Block Tango” from the musical Chicago. The show ends with an empowering piece set to Beyonce’s “Run the World”. Adding another fun and inclusive layer into the show, the host of the night is the local, well-known drag performer Alice Glamoure. Who better to help celebrate women than a fabulous drag queen? Overall, it is a well rounded show that expounds upon the struggles and joy of all women and definitely worth going to see on this upcoming International Women’s Day

You can see the show on March 8th and March 9th at 7:30 PM at the Boulder Circus Center. Reserved seating is available on Eventbrite. They are offering a ladies’ night out package with a discount on 4 tickets. 

Get Tickets Here

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