Loveland Sculptor Rosetta’s Latest Work Unveiled at Salt Lake’s City Creek Center

Loveland Sculptor Rosetta’s Latest Work Unveiled at Salt Lake’s City Creek Center


Artist’s largest piece graces new downtown mixed-use redevelopment project


Loveland, Colorado – Loveland’s Rosetta, an internationally-known sculptor of animals, is pleased to announce the unveiling of her latest and largest work to date, “Stream of Life,” as part of the grand opening celebration for Salt Lake City’s new City Creek Center, one of the nation’s largest mixed-use downtown redevelopment projects. The piece was commissioned through the efforts of Missouri’s Public Art & Practice and the project was awarded to Rosetta in October of 2009 after a nationwide request for proposals.


According to City Creek Reserve Director of Architecture Bill Williams, “The intent was to capture the unique ecological makeup of the Salt Lake Valley in multiple media. In particular, we wanted a large sculpture that represented the fauna of the valley before the pioneers arrived in 1847. After extensive evaluation, we concluded that Rosetta’s work fit our aesthetic the best – particularly her ability to capture the character and personality of animals in a modern technique that is not so abstract that the animal is lost.”


For two years, Rosetta shepherded the creation of “Stream of Life” from conception to sculpting and casting, culminating in the installation of the work in February. The 14-foot-long bronze, created exclusively for City Creek Center, is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped creek that runs through the entire three-city-block project. The piece incorporates ten animals in a creek-side habitat, arranged in a montage-style composition rather than a realistic tableau.


“City Creek Center is an impressive and beautiful project right across from Temple Square,”notes Rosetta.  “I love the setting for the sculpture and the opportunity to provide residents and visitors in this urban area the fun of mingling with wildlife as a non-threatening and visually stimulating experience.”


All of the included species are residents of riparian habitat, and some are iconic Utah natives, such as the state mammal, elk; the state bird, seagull; and the state fish, cutthroat trout. Rosetta’s interest in filling a space below the crowning bald eagle provided the opportunity to include the state emblem, the beehive. Three river otters and a black bear are there for the fun of it and for the added design opportunity incorporating them provided. The elements of the waterfall and the flowing creek tie all of the animals together and allow the design of the sculpture to flow smoothly throughout.


Key Contributions from Loveland’s Art Community

Bringing “Stream of Life” to fruition was a shared effort between Rosetta and many skilled artisans who contribute to Loveland’s reputation as one of the nation’s leading art bronze producing communities. Independent contractors who were part of the project include Gary DuChateau, enlargement; Dan Ochs, mold making and wax pouring; Kathy Page, wax chasing; Dragon Castings, which cast the bronze; Eric Mesplé who tackled the formidable task of welding and chasing the 58 pieces of the puzzle into a beautiful finish; Patrick Kipper, who created the gorgeous patina; Bryan Wright, transport and installation; and Rosetta’s photographer, driver and all-around support system, husband Mel Schockner.


About City Creek Center

Owned by the LDS Church and run by Taubman Centers Inc. (which also runs the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver), City Creek Center is a mixed-use retail, residential and office complex. It is the first enclosed shopping center to open in the U.S. in six years, reflecting the vibrant Salt Lake economy and transforming the downtown area. Located across the street from Temple Square, City Creek Center’s amenities include luxury condos and apartments, two levels of retail with 100 stores, restaurants, an outdoor fireplace and heated sidewalks, a retractable skylight roof, waterfalls and lively fountains, as well as several sculptures, of which “Stream of Life” is the most prominent. More than 50,000 people attended the City Creek Center Grand Opening on March 22.


About Rosetta

Known internationally for her stylized sculptures of animals and exhibited in a multitude of galleries, museums and art organizations across the country, Rosetta has completed large commissions for corporations, universities, cities and museums as well as individual collections, with “Stream of Life” in City Creek being her largest in both size and scope. For more information about the artist and her work, visit, call (970) 667-6265, or email

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