Luvin Arms’ First-Ever Compassion Carnival is Coming to Town!


Luvin Arms’ First-Ever Compassion Carnival is Coming to Town!

For Immediate Release: June 6, 2022

Erie, Colorado - Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary is holding its first ever compassion-based carnival on July 9th, an alternative to the rodeo.

The rodeo has been a summer-time American institution for decades. Many of us have our own childhood memories of the rodeo. And yet, today there are many other forms of family-friendly entertainment that don’t involve harming baby calves to the point of serious injury and even death. Calf roping, featured prominently at all rodeos, is plain abuse. These baby calves just want to snuggle with their mothers - and instead they are chased, roped, hog-tied and dragged through the dirt. This old practice is cruel - we know better now.

Children are attracted to the rodeo because they have a natural affinity towards animals. Children crave connection to animals, and desire the opportunity to be close to farmed animals. Yet, the rodeo teaches children how to use animals for profit, and corrodes their natural empathy towards animals. 

Luvin Arms is providing the answer to creating fun family memories centered around the true joy of connecting with animals, without becoming desensitized to the needs and feelings of other beings. 

The Luvin Arms Compassion Carnival will include fun rides and games, and food trucks offering delicious cruelty-free refreshments. Participants will have the unique opportunity to meet and cuddle with Luvin Arms’ four young cow-girls who are all survivors of the abuses of the dairy industry. 

“Entertainment is a huge part of all of our lives. Let us engage in activities that are kind to all beings, and do not cause suffering for the sake of our entertainment,” said Emma Schwarz, the Sanctuary’s Director of Advancement in Ahimsa. “All beings want to be safe, play, and have fun. At the Luvin Arms Carnival, we can have fun and play with ALL species!”

The Luvin Arms Compassion Carnival will be a critical and powerful tool in accomplishing the Sanctuary’s mission of connecting communities to farmed animals, fostering the growth of everlasting compassionate hearts, and encouraging people of all ages to make choices rooted in Ahimsa - nonviolence toward all living beings

Fore more information about the Carnival, please visit: The Luvin Arms Compassion Carnival


To sign a petition to end calf roping funding for the Greeley Stampede, please visit: End Cruel Calf Roping Petition


About Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary:

Luvin Arms is a nonprofit animal sanctuary for abused and neglected farmed animals, located in Erie, Colorado. Luvin Arms provides exceptional lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive care for their animal residents, and advocates for those who have not been rescued by sharing their residents’ stories to inspire, educate, and empower others to embrace a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.


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Marketing and Communications Manager



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