New Short Sale Solution Simplifies Process for Real Estate Agents and Their Clients

Claremont Information Systems, a leading provider of distressed real estate data and analytics, today launched, the industry’s first short sale solution designed specifically for real estate brokers and agents to create efficiency in identifying, tracking, and closing short sales.

Demand for a simplified and effective short sale process has intensified with the backlog of properties between Notice of Default and Trustee Sale growing exponentially. Potential for the so-called “foreclosure mess” to become full-blown chaos only accelerated last week with Bank of America’s announcement of a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures and sales of foreclosed property.
Short Sale ProLogic was designed to simplify the short sale process and help sellers avoid foreclosure by connecting real estate agents to customized distressed real estate information in real time. The speed and granularity of Short Sale ProLogic’s information represents a complete consultative and closing tool for real estate professionals, whether they’re looking to offer short-sale counsel to potential sellers or present short-sale opportunities to potential buyers.

Built specifically for real estate agents, Short Sale ProLogic represents a comprehensive short sale solution to assist Realtors® across the entire short sale process, including:

• Short Sale Lead Identification—Short Sale ProLogic provides over fifty ways to define a market search, including neighborhood, county, zip code, and property value. Users are alerted by text or e-mail as soon as a Notice of Default is recorded against a property that fits their customized search profile.
• Competitive Market Analysis—The ProLogic Market Report™ completes the story traditional MLS data miss. Short Sale ProLogic provides exclusive access to pre-foreclosures, investor purchases at foreclosure sales, and unlisted bank owned properties in a report format that simply can’t be find anywhere else.
• Effective Short Sale Transaction Management—Short Sale ProLogic, in partnership with PMH Financial, provides an industrial-grade negotiation and transaction management platform that busy Realtors need to get short sales closed. The highly trained and experienced negotiating team, with a proven track record of closing more than 75% of its deals, increases the likelihood of a successful short sale transaction.

“I’ve been at this for a long time, and I know if I’m to stay relevant in this marketplace I have to become a short sale expert,” says Yan Kaminski, a beta client. “Short Sale ProLogic not only helps me get the listing, it helps me get it sold. They’re actually making it easier for me to complete deals so I have the time to find new ones.”
In Colorado, Short Sale ProLogic data covers eight-counties across the Front Range, including Weld and El Paso counties.

Short Sale ProLogic’s data shows that in Denver County alone there have been 3,825 foreclosure filings this year, with 448 being reported in September. And with 12,674 properties in the Metro area foreclosure process and another 4,000 new filings a month being added to the pipeline statewide, there is a tremendous opportunity for Realtors who are able to work smart and streamline the short sale process.

“Short Sale ProLogic was designed to provide a real advantage for Realtors to grow their listing base and present short-sale opportunities to buyers,” says Ryan Lantz, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Claremont Information Systems. “With millions of dollars worth of distressed property entering the market every month in Colorado, the ability to identify and close short sales will put any real estate professional way out in front of the competition.”

Short Sale ProLogic’s ActiveTrack Technology™ stays in constant contact with thousands of properties and notifies subscribers by text or e-mail within minutes of a Notice of Default being recorded in areas defined by the user.

“One of the fundamental building blocks to what we do is strict adherence to extremely accurate and impossibly current information,” says Lantz. “Good opportunities move fast, and the information our clients rely on needs to move faster.”

ShortSale ProLogic, including its robust market reports and a highly skilled negotiation and transaction management service, is available for $49.95 per month. For more information, visit

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