Nighthawk Ranch - Second Session is Underway

Hi Everyone,

After much preparation and anticipation Nighthawk Ranch has held its first successful summer session and is now in the middle of its second successful summer session. What makes me call it successful? Well, the first session had all but one camper spot filled and had an overflowing amount of volunteers and (most importantly) the campers had a GREAT time.

The second session has one extra camper and even more volunteers to help out - and, yes, these campers are having an equally GREAT time.

After this second session ends (July 21), Nighthawk Ranch has one more session this year - its third session, which runs August 5 - August 11. We are almost at capacity, but we still have room for one or two more campers and one or two more volunteers. This 3rd session is for boys (10-18) who have (or have had) cancer. And, remember, this camp is free to kids and their families that qualify.

And we really need some male volunteers - so time to step up guys. Obviously this is for the kids, but if you speak to any of our volunteers you will know that the volunteers get the same amount of joy (if not more) from the experience than the kids.

Please check out my pictures page to see some pictures of past Nighthawk Ranch sessions, and if you would like more information on how to volunteer or how to fill out an application for a camper, please contact me -
Kim McGinnis/Nighthawk Ranch Coordinator or for more information, visit

Till next time,


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