No Need To Feel "Holiday Party Envy" This Season

Your Interior Designer Can Help Wow Your Guests – On Your Budget

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season. 

Especially if you like to host an annual holiday party (or two), sometimes it’s possible for the stress of “getting Christmas done” to overwhelm the joy of the season.

You can lose sight of the very reason you host these gatherings in the first place!

It’s also not uncommon to feel “party envy” at this time of year… you’ll be attending other gatherings, and it’s almost impossible to avoid comparisons between your own party and others.

Who has the time – or the money – to create these lavish parties that become the highlight of everyone’s holiday season?

It might surprise you to know you can rely on your professional interior designer for help and advice in this area.

Far from a luxury only the “rich and famous” can afford, a great interior designer can often save you money while helping you make your party the envy of the guest list this year.

Ideas From The Pros To Give Your Holiday Party The “Wow Factor”

You may have incorporated many of these ideas into previous seasons’ parties… but it’s often surprising how many holiday hosts don’t remember some of the basics when it comes to throwing a great party.

  • Have the place cleaned before the party.  Use a cleaning service with experience in getting things looking their best for holiday parties.  There are services which specialize in party cleaning (and who may come in handy in getting things back to normal after the event).
  • Remember the purpose.  You’re not out to spend as much money as possible, or to “out-host” the couple down the street… your aim is to create a great opportunity for your guests to experience the joy of the season!  Take a deep breath… remind yourself of your real purpose here… and enjoy the party (and the prep) yourself!
  • Start decorating right after Thanksgiving.  Give yourself, and your family, more time to enjoy the beauty of the season.  In fact, you will probably have noticed that some hosts have taken advantage of multi-season decorations (pine cones and greenery that can stretch from autumn through Christmas… snowflake, snowman, and icicle designs that can stay up after the holidays).
  • Don’t over-decorate.  Your designer can help you pick out small, budget-conscious pieces that’ll make big statements without being big distractions (or big investments). Your décor should support the party, not overwhelm it!
  • Budget food and drink first.  Let’s face it: people love to be treated at holiday parties!  You can have a beautiful food table, decorated nicely, that invites guests to enjoy treats without worrying them with overly-fragile decorations.  And if you’re on a tight budget, think about a nice champagne punch (in a beautiful bowl) rather than a full bar.
  • Keep things simple.  You can create an elegant impression with bows, candles, and lighting.  You want to maximize your guests’ feelings of warmth and comfort… not necessarily dazzle them with expensive decorative pieces.


Need more ideas?  Get a professional interior designer on the job!  Hire a great designer, and you’ll likely end up thinking it was the best investment you made in your holiday party preparations… and you might be surprised at how your designer can save you more money than it costs to hire them, all while giving your holiday party the “wow factor” that’ll be the envy of the season.

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