Organo-Lawn Introduces Colorado’s First 100% Organic Selective Post-Emergent Weed Killer

Organo-Lawn is proud to introduce One Earth Weed Control, a 100% organic selective post-emergent weed control and fertilizer application. One Earth Weed Control, derived from clove oil, will kill broadleaf weeds in a lawn
after they have germinated with a 50-90% rate of effectiveness. This is compared to the previous best 100%
organic option which only achieved between 10-50% weed control. The new application is available exclusively
through Boulder-based Organo-Lawn and is offered only with a full-season
program. Organo-Lawn is one of only a few companies in the United States to
offer this product, and the first to offer the application in Colorado.

“For the last 10 years, we have been looking for an effective post-emergent 100% organic selective weed control,” said Brad Wolfe, founder and CEO of Organo-Lawn. “One
Earth Weed Control is 100% organic and will kill weeds in a lawn after they
have germinated, but won’t kill the grass.
We have been testing and retesting this technology to work out all of the
kinks and we are excited to finally be able to offer it to our customers. About 10% of Organo-Lawn’s full season
customers have already switched over to One Earth Weed Control.”

Clove oil-based weed control has been available for more than a decade, but it has traditionally been used as a non-selective weed and grass application, killing everything including grass and weeds. While experimenting with clove oil over a
period of two years, Organo-Lawn determined that if the product was applied too
heavily it would kill both weeds and grass, and if applied too lightly it was completely
ineffective. Organo-Lawn experimented
with application strengths so it would be consistent in all conditions-warm and
cool temperatures, drought and moisture, etc.
The company also determined which surfactants (wetting agents) made the
product most effective. Finally, Organo-Lawn
tested around 60 different nozzles to find out which pattern of mist was most
effective for application. The result is the first highly-effective 100%
organic weed killer offered to consumers in Colorado.

About Organo-Lawn

Boulder-based Organo-Lawn was founded in 1997 by Brad Wolfe whose goal was to create an alternative to conventional, chemical-based lawn care companies by using products that are both environmentally and people friendly.
Organo-Lawn’s proprietary lawn-care products include the 100% organic pre-emergent
weed control called Synergy and 100% organic fertilizer called Pax Terra Plus
(fertilizer) which are specifically designed to work with Colorado’s soil
conditions. The company provides both 100% organic lawn care programs as well
as combination packages such as their “Smarter Weed Control” program which
allows the homeowner to spot treat voracious weeds with a limited exposure to
synthetic pesticides. Organo-Lawn’s green commitment extends past the lawn
service: Twelve Organo-Lawn service trucks are fueled with B100 biodiesel; the
office and shop are powered by 100% wind or solar energy; all service technicians
are outfitted with 100% organic cotton shirts; and every year Organo-Lawn
plants at least four new trees at their office to reduce their overall carbon
footprint. For more information visit
or call 303-499-2000.

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