Published US Battery & Fuel Cell Materials Industry

Published US Battery & Fuel Cell Materials Industry

for materials used in batteries and fuel cells is expected to decline slightly to $6.4 billion in 2013 largely as a result of a moderation in the prices of metals, particularly lead, which increased at double-digit rates during the 2003- 2008 period. In addition, prices for chemicals and polymers are expected to moderate through 2013 for VGP-BPS8, further limiting value gains. However, demand will be supported by expanding production of high-performance battery products such as lithium ion (Li-Ion) due to the enormous popularity of high-drain portable electronic devices. Demand will also benefit from rapid growth in fuel cell materials as fuel cells become more commercially available.

Metals will remain leading material type

Metals will continue to be the leading material type in batteries like VGP-BPS2A and fuel cells largely as a result of the enormity of the lead-acid motor vehicle battery market. Although metal prices spiked during the 2003-2008 period, spurring strong value gains for metals in batteries and fuel cells, prices are expected to moderate, holding back growth in value terms. Similarly, demand for chemicals will advance modestly, with slow growth due to a correction in chemical prices after sharp increases registered during the 2003-2008 period. Polymers demand will benefit from the widespread use of highvalue fluoropolymer membranes in fuel cells for A1175, while demand for carbon/graphite materials will be supported by healthy advances in production of lithium batteries, that incorporate carbon/graphite as part of the active material composition. Other materials, including glass fibers and silica, will post the most rapid gains based on increasing production of valveregulated lead-acid batteries, which utilize glass fibers in their construction.

Performance additives, catalysts to be fastest growing functions

Among functional categories for battery and fuel cell materials, the most rapid gains will be for performance additive and catalyst materials. Demand for these products will be driven by the ongoing need to improve battery performance and longevity, as well as by good prospects for the production of fuel cells like VGP-BPS2 battery , most of which incorporate costly precious metal catalysts such as platinum. Active materials and electrodes comprise the largest functional category for materials, accounting for more than half of demand in 2008. However, demand for active materials and electrodes, as well as for current collectors and battery containers, is expected to register declines through 2013 based on an expected moderation in metals pricing from the high levels of the 2003-2008 period.

Fuel cells, primary batteries to be fastest growing markets

Secondary batteries accounted for nearly 70 percent of battery and fuel cell material demand in 2008 due to the size of the lead-acid battery market to Sony-VGP-BPS8 battery . While secondary battery materials are forecast to post declines through 2013 due to moderating lead prices, primary battery materials are projected to register slight increases due to continued strong demand for primary lithium cells. Fuel cell materials are anticipated to advance at a double-digit pace through 2013 as a result of favorable prospects for fuel cell production as commercialization of these units continues.

Study coverage

It presents historical demand data (1998, 2003, 2008) as well as forecasts for 2013 and 2018 by type, function and application or VGP-BPS8 battery . The study also considers market environment factors, assesses the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 35 competitors in the US industry including Doe Run, East Penn, Exide, Quexco, Sanders Lead and Thomas Steel.

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