Review of The Triplettes of Belville sent by audience member

Dear Marie Jose,

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful show: Dance Etoile’s Triplets of Belleville was one of the most entertaining and unique ballets I have seen. Bravo! That my family was moved to tears, laughter and to the edge of our seats in such a short period of time is testament to your unique ability as a choreographer director and performing artist. Please extend my compliments to your fantastic troupe!

I also wanted to congratulate you on the superbe and highly technical classical ballets presented in Corsaire, The Flames of Paris, The Black Eagle and La Valse d’Amalie. The dancer all should be congratulated on their stunning performances. Sebastien’s performance was spectacular. It is a rare treat to have a director of your ability in the Denver/Boulder dance community.

The Triplets of Bellevile is the perfect ballet, equal parts athleticism, humour, technique and pantomime. As fans of the original movie our expectations were set quite high and Dance Etoile delivered a superbe adaptation of the story in dance. The triplets, played by Nyasha Davis, Sophie Payannet and Sophie Meints captured the perfect nuances of humour, sensibility and sensuality of the times.

Please don’t stop producing such wonderful performances. One of my biggest fears in moving to Colorado from London was that my children would not have the opportunity to enjoy such fine ballet and the performing arts. Dance Etoile’s performances help remind me that great dance can be found locally. We are fortunate to have you here in the area and it would be sad not to have your unique and original work in out lives.

Thank you so very, very much.

Gabriela Codina

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