Along with the re-election of our President, Coloradans legalized marijuana. What does that mean? It is now legal to grow six plants in homes across the state. Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase an ounce from regulated retail stores, but publicly rolling a joint won’t be tolerated inside or outside.

I am sure that early revelers will be out and about smoking a bowl in celebration, but the amendment won’t be certified for up to two months according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Personally, my lungs can’t handle cigarette smoke and I detest the stinky smell of weed, so I won’t be partying down.

Remember the characters Cheech and Chong? They were popular when I was in college. I can just imagine a conversation between the two of them.

Cheech: Dude! Did you read the paper today?

Chong: Papers? Dude, they’re right in front of you.

Cheech: No, the newspaper. It says that people can smoke weed in Colorado.

Chong: I thought we smoked weed the last time we were in Colorado.

Cheech: It’s legal now.

Chong: You mean we won’t get thrown in jail?

Cheech: Well, the DEA could still bust your ass.

Chong: So it’s illegal?

Cheech: No, it’s legal, I just told you.

Chong: Dude. Pass the bong. You’re giving me a headache.


After all the speculation and arguments on both sides, we’ll see what happens with tax revenues, dealers, and early drug use.

I wonder if John Denver is smiling down from heaven.

Click here for the YouTube video Rocky Mountain High

The top photo is a winter wheat crop. No marijuana fields yet.


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