It's that time of the year again when the white stuff begins to fall. Time to dig out the skis or board and tune them up for a great season. Getting your skis tuned up and kepping them tuned up can be an expensive exercise. Let's face it your probably going to ski each year so make this the year that you buy a good tuning kit and start saving some $.
Ski tuning kits as shown start at about $100 which is only the price of a couple of tunes at the shop.
Ski tuning how to guides are generally free. Then all it takes is a little practice. The best part is you get the feedback each day that you ski on your own tune.
If you are not up to tuning your skis completly by yourself the other great option is to have them tuned up by the shop at the start of the season and then just keep them in good shape with a
diamond stone and or
diamond guide as shown. Just run one of these over your skis every couple of day or when you encounter a rock as is common at the start of the season. This will remove the burr and keep your skis in better tune for longer. Best of all they can be carried in your pocket. Check out for a full range of ski and snowboard tuning products to maximise your fun this season. Happy carving.

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