SkillShare of Boulder County Celebrates 70,000 Hours of Services Exchanged Among Members with No Money Involved

Boulder, Colorado – June 11, 2015  --  SkillShare, Boulder County’s TimeBank, is celebrating a great milestone! Over 70,000 hours of service, skills, and assistance have been exchanged among SkillShare members.  During the 12-1/2 years SkillShare has been in existence, 477 individual members have made 11,940 exchanges, including services (provided and received) and gifts to other members. 

No money was involved in these exchanges, because SkillShare, as a TimeBank, uses an alternative currency called TimeDollars.  One hour of service to a SkillShare member banks one TimeDollar, which can then be spent on one hour of service from anyone else in the community.

The most popular skills included transportation for medical appointments, errands, and shopping; massage; computer assistance and advice; and packing assistance, moving and hauling.  SkillShare also offers a wide range of other services.  The group's tagline is, "Do what you love, get what you need."

During June, 2015, SkillShare’s celebration includes a membership drive to welcome new members to participate.  People who join and complete a New Member Orientation (NMO) by June 29, 2015 will receive a gift of 4 TimeDollars to start their membership.  The month will end with an all member potluck on June 29 from 4 to 7 pm for new, prospective, and current members.  SkillShare welcomes all people, and we believe in removing all barriers to participating in TimeBanking that we can.

Jan DeCourtney, Co-President of Skillshare, sings the praises of the timebanking system.  “SkillShare is one of the best things that ever happened to me,” Jan said.  “Every aspect of my life has been helped, it’s saved me thousands of dollars, and I’ve made more than a few wonderful friends.” 

SkillShare is a member of the international hOurworld organization, so besides building a strong local community in Boulder County, SkillShare also has access to skills from people around the world in 274 timebanks. Through the international connection of hOurworld, for example, a person could practice Spanish with a native speaker in Latin America or have someone in the UK do research for geneology. 

SkillShare has been in existence since 2003 and does background checks on individuals offering child or elder care.  No one is turned away due to inability to pay membership dues. For more information or to start the application process to join, visit, email, or leave a message at 720-295-8814. See also our Facebook page for more information.

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