“Switch Kit” Helps Americans Get Out of Unhealthy Banking Relationships

According to a new study by BancVue, almost two in five Americans are unable to classify their current bank as “Mr. or Ms. Right”, with dissatisfaction higher among those with most of their money in large banks. In fact, almost one in two (49%) of big bank customers claim their current bank is far from “the one”. To help people “break up” with Mr. /Ms. Wrong, CheckingFinder.com has launched the Switch Kit, designed to make it effortless to switch to a high interest, free checking account with no minimum balance, no monthly fees and nationwide ATM fee refunds. “CheckingFinder.com’s Switch Kit makes breaking up with an unhealthy banking relationship hassle-free,” says Gabe Krajicek, Chief Executive Officer of BancVue, the creators of CheckingFinder.com. “And, banking customers end up with better products with the better service of a community financial institution.” But how do you know if you are in an unhealthy banking relationship? Mr. Krajicek suggests consumers ask themselves the “Six Simple Questions You Can Bank On”: 1. Does your bank treat you like a number? 2. Do you feel that you are getting as much out of the relationship as the bank is? 3. Fairness in banking tends to show itself in the form of fees. Does your bank over-charge you on fees? 4. Do you have open communication? In other words, does your bank keep you informed about your existing accounts or better opportunities? 5. Does your bank show you appreciation for entrusting your money with them? 6. Is your bank well run and stable? Check out the “Statement of Condition” to get a snapshot of its health. The answers to these questions can help determine if breaking up from a banking relationship makes sense. Interestingly, two-thirds (67%) of bank account-holding Americans admit they wouldn’t hesitate to consider breaking up with their bank, with 75% with most of their money in big banks. And, what they are looking for in their Mr. or Ms. Right bank: less fees (39%), higher interest rates (32%), better banking products (29%) and ATM refunds (29%). CheckingFinder.com, the one-stop-shop for the best high-yield checking accounts among community banks and credit unions, not only allows you to find an open a free, high interest checking account in minutes, but has developed a tool to make the break up go smoothly—The Switch Kit. The Switch Kit makes switching to a new account painless, with detailed instructions for transferring direct deposits, automatic payments, online bill payments and closing the preexisting account. The Switch Kit also provides downloadable direct deposit and auto-payment forms, making the switch hassle free. The accounts on CheckingFinder.com give customers free checking accounts with CD-like yields, no monthly fees and nationwide ATM fee refunds when they do simple activities, including accepting eStatements, utilizing direct deposit, accessing online banking, and using their debit card. All of these things help save the financial institutions money, and unlike the big banks that keep it for themselves, these financial institutions are returning the savings to their account holders in the form of higher yields. “Breaking up may seem tough at first, but with the right tools, such as CheckingFinder.com and The Switch Kit the perfect bank mate is only a click away,” concludes Krajicek.

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