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Children’s Book: Full Color

Sammy & Robert Go Home For The Holidays

By: Darcie Mae

8 ½ x 11in. - 44 pages

2 Full length, full color stories.

ISBN# 978-1-4560-5702-2

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This is the 5th book in the Sammy & Robert series of fun, rhyming, and educational children's stories. Sammy & Robert Go Home For The Holidays there are 2 stories. The first story is titled: Sammy & Robert Go Home. The big gray squirrel and the small red squirrel realize the weather is turning cold. Soon, there will be snow. They decide to go home. As they are traveling home, the reader is reminded of their many differences and how these differences are not important. Sammy & Robert started out as best friends, and no matter what they go through, they remain best friends. The second story is titled: Sammy & Robert Have A Happy Thanksgiving. Sammy & Robert have made it home. Their family and friends are happy they are back. All the squirrels are gathering and storing food for the winter and a holiday feast. The reader learns about the great big grand tree, where squirrels meet, celebrate, and do things together. When Sammy & Robert left for the summer, gray and red squirrels did not get along. The bigger gray squirrels would pick on the smaller red squirrels. While they were gone, things changed. Now the gray and the red squirrels get along and do everything together, including sharing a huge Thanksgiving feast.

Look not only for Darcie Mae’s Sammy & Robert children’s books, but her Mother Mouse books as well.

Books are available on the web at Publish America, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, wholesalers, and on many other websites. You can also have your favorite book store order the books for you.

Read The Peably series of children’s stories free on the author’s website. There are 301 stories and 1 new story goes up each week. Children can read along and grow up with the Peably children. New pictures to print & color go p each week as well.

“Words can change a life. Make a good change. Read a child a book.” Quote by Darcie Mae Email the author at :

Sammy & Robert (Book 1) ISBN# 1-60474-811-7 and ISBN# 978-1-4512-3383-4

1 story that teaches you can be different, how this should not matter, and

though different you still can be best friends.

Sammy & Robert’s Animal Adventures (Book 2)

ISBN# 1-60703-987-7 and ISBN# 978-1-4512-6544-6

2 stories. One teaches about farm animals, & the other about a zoo with mammals and about herbivores, carnivores, & omnivores.

Sammy & Robert Discover The Ocean (Book 3) ISBN# 978-1-61546-827-0

3 stories. In the first they visit a beach, the second they go out on the ocean in a boat, and in the third they snorkel and learn about crustaceans & mollusks.

3 More Fun Sammy & Robert Adventures ISBN# 978-1-4512-8648-9 and


3 stories. In the first they learn about amphibians & reptiles, in the second

about birds, and in the third about insects. This book ends with Sammy

knowing he has to get Robert and himself home soon because the weather

is getting colder and food is harder to find.

Sammy & Robert Go Home For The Holidays ISBN#978-1-4560-1733-0

2 full length, full color stories. In the first story Sammy & Robert go home

because winter is coming. The reader is reminded how different these 2

squirrels are and how this does not matter to them. They remain best friends.

In the second story Sammy & Robert realize they have made a change. Now

all the gray and red squirrels get along and do things together including

sharing a huge Thanksgiving feast.

Mother Mouse ISBN# 978-0-9817521-8-1

3 stories that teach manners, measurements, & shapes.

Mother Mouse: Book 2 ISBN# 978-0-9822560-7-7

2 stories that teach opposites & ways of transportation.

Mother Mouse Tells Mice Kids A Thanksgiving Story ISBN#978-1-936046-30-0

Teaches to be thankful for what you have and to share with those in need.

Mother Mouse Tells Kids Her Special Christmas Story ISBN#978-1-936352-53-1

Teaches many little lessons about traditions and giving up some of your

Christmas to share with a family in need. Also teaches:

Homemade and thought out gifts

are the very best kind.

These gifts don’t cost money,

instead they cost your time.

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