Urban Meyer Would Be Stepping Down As The Head Coach At Florida

Urban Meyer Would Be Stepping Down As The Head Coach At Florida

(battery blog)Whether the headaches and chronic chest pains are anything more than products of the job we will never know, at least not until Urban Meyer exposes more personal details about his health, but suffice to say that the University of Florida football coach isn’t the only one.A day after Meyer announced to the nation that he would be stepping down as the head coach at Florida, the Gator legend rescinded his words and said only a leave of absence would be necessary.

Meyer checked into a hospital after the SEC Championship game against Alabama to be treated for “dehydration,” but nothing more than faulty smoke alarms and hysteria spurned from that A1175 battery . I think there’s more to it, but I’ll listen to the medical reports for now.In a press conference Sunday, Meyer confirmed he will be coaching the Gators on New Year’s Day against the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Sugar Bowl–what, you thought there was even a remote chance Meyer would miss Tim Tebow’s last game?–and then taking a little break from his duties as the caretaker of one of America’s most prestigious college sport programs.

Despite his obvious desire to get away from football and the strenuous time constraints that come with the job, Meyer expects to still be the coach at Florida next fall.“I do in my gut believe that will happen,” Meyer told the Associated Press for Dell KD476 battery . “To not try would not be the right thing to do.”Not exactly.Surrendering himself to the long hours it takes to build a national champion–and the enormous stress that comes with such expectations–if his short- or long-term health is in legitimate jeopardy would not be the right thing to do.

Proceeding in a waffling manner and not giving athletic director Jeremy Foley a definitive answer as to whether or not he needs to search for a new head coach would not be the right thing to do.But stepping down to make sure that for Dell KD476 battery , at 45-years-old, Meyer is healthy enough to live many more happy years with his wife and three children would have been a perfectly honorable decision.

A man must take care of himself so he can take care of his family. It’s called priorities. It’s called perspective. Nobody would have knocked Meyer for showing a little bit of both.Sure for Apple A1175 battery , Florida’s swamp of relentlessly loyal fans would have been disappointed to see the man who brought them two National Championships in five seasons walk away so early, but they would have understood.

Now, I’m sure they are giddy that Meyer intends to continue to coach. If he’s healthy, that’s great. You can only live a dream so long.This decision may impact Gainesville more than any other town in America, but the story behind the madness does not. It hits them all.Meyer is not the only coach to experience headaches for Sony-VGP-BPS2, chest pains, dizziness, high stress, and any other symptoms that eat away at your soul and mind.

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