What Would A "Box of Chocolates" For Dogs Look Like?

Dogs Eat Chocolate? NO! So, What Would a “Box of Chocolates” for Dogs Look Like?

October 27, 2020 by Tavor White  NEWS

The holidays are quickly approaching and lots of people gift their loved one’s boxes of gourmet chocolates. However, can dogs eat chocolate? Of course they can’t! So, how do we include our cherished furry family members in this loving tradition?


Box of Chocolates for Humans


Have you considered what a box of doggie chocolates would look like? Furry family members deserve to have their own decadent doggie desserts just as we humans do.

Well, we at Chews Happiness have thought A LOT about what a “box of chocolates” looks like for dogs!

Gourmet Barkarons keep your dog healthy and give him or her a super delicious treat to look forward to, whether it is for a festive holiday present, a special dog birthday gift, or as a way of making any day special.

Before we describe what a “box of chocolates” would look like for dogs, let’s delve into why dogs can’t eat chocolate to begin with.

Dogs Eat Chocolate? NO, But Why?

According to Vets Now, theobromine is a poison for dogs, this caffeine-like molecule that is a component of chocolate increases blood flow in a dog’s brain, which can lead to seizures and, if eaten in large amounts, death. If your dog gets into a box of chocolates, you will have to immediately take him or her to the nearest emergency veterinarian!

As dog parents this leaves us with a dilemma; how to share decadent, chocolate-like experiences with our furry loved ones.

Before we can emulate what a “box of chocolates” would look like for dogs, we need to first understand why so many of us humans find ourselves addictively craving chocolate.

Why Do Humans Crave Chocolate?

When our taste buds sense chocolate, the rich aromas of chocolate’s volatile organics waft up our olfactory system. Other than the added sugar that most gourmet chocolates minimize, chocolate is so addictive to us humans, due to tryptophan. Tryptophan is a naturally occurring amino acid in cacao that activa....

Once the chocolate high is experienced, the human brain craves even more. Because of this ‘feel good’ physical process, the addiction to the serotonin boost continues as your body is flooded with the aromatic and rich goodness of chocolate. When this occurs, we then want more of this satisfying experience, hence why we tend to crave and gravitate towards yummy chocolate desserts.

So, we need to find an experience that is similar to having dogs eat chocolate.

How Do You Mimic And Even Outdo A “Box Of Chocolates” For Dogs?

It all starts with smell, after all, a dog’s nose knows! A critical part of taste is smell. As we all know, dogs have a superpower: their sense of smell! Dogs are endowed with hundreds of MILLIONS of olfactory sensor cells compared to humans’ scrawny five million. In addition, dogs’ brains are geared towards smell with an olfactory processing center that is 40 times larger than that of humans. So, your dogs’ ability to sense odors is a million times greater than yours!

Dogs sense of smell is in sharp contrast to the number of taste buds they have. Numbering at only about 1,700, dogs’ taste buds are meager compared to that of humans’ 9,000. However, they have taste buds that we don’t. Dogs have special taste receptors that are optimized for fats and meats.

If dogs eat chocolate then, they would experience it in a way we couldn’t even imagine!

So, while dogs lack the sheer number of taste buds that humans have, their olfactory superpowers and their special taste receptors mean that your dog DOES enjoy special treats, even if it seems as if she is scarfing them down too quickly to savor them! As a matter of fact, your dog is most probably savoring her treat before you even take it out of the package, as they can sense odors from miles away.

Due to their special taste receptors and awesome sense of smell, dogs have a wired attraction to meats and associated fats. So, while they are typically classified as omnivores, make no mistake; their mouth full of sharp teeth is there for a reason!

Wired Attraction, Sound Familiar? Sounds Like Chocolate to People!

That’s exactly what we have accomplished with our Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts. We’ve searched the planet for delicacies that have the same effect on dogs as chocolate has on humans! Our secret sauce? – Camel Cheese combined with various meats!

Our camel cheese is sustainably sourced from the Gobi Desert and comes from camels that are family nurtured. This rare delicacy not only tastes delicious, but it can support wellness for canine diabetes and digestive health. This special ingredient is packed with immune boosters for dogs including, immunoglobulins, protein and healthy fats. When combined with sustainably sourced chicken, fish or other meats this cheese for dogs offers a pungent protein-packed chocolate-esque sensory experience for dogs like no other.

So, now you can see dogs eat chocolate (of course, not really)!

Want to know what the experience is like for dogs? Treat yourself to a gourmet piece of chocolate!

Out of Box, Not Out of the Bag!

We’ve described how to emulate the chocolate experience for dogs. As we all know though, part of the gifting experience is the box! So, we at Chews Happiness have designed an elegant dog gift box for our Barkaron Deacadent Doggie Desserts.

Unlike the vast majority of dog treats on the market, which come in plastic bags or in boxes with lots of plastic, Barkarons come in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials with NO plastic! As a matter of fact, our Barkaron boxes are certified through the USDA BioPreferred Program as comprised of a minimum of 99% plant-based materials.


This Is What A “Box of Chocolates” for Dogs Looks Like!


Don’t you feel special when you receive an amazing box of chocolates from a loved one? So will your dog, who probably has the intelligence of a 2 or 3-year old, when she is gifted a box of Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts. Why not gift them with goodness for their short times with us?

Let our dogs eat chocolate (not really)!


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