Steve and Rich, long-time residents of Dallas, Texas, loved their dogs. All 5 of their dogs, ranging in age from 3 to 14 years old, were from rescues, shelters, or the streets of Dallas. Sadly and unexpectedly, however, Rich passed away, and then Steve passed away in December 2019. Their sudden and unexpected passing left their 5 dogs with no family, no home, and nowhere to go. 

Amidst the sadness and tragedy, Rich’s brother, Dan, stepped in to try to find homes for all 5 dogs. He contacted dozens of shelters and rescues in Texas and posted their stories on social media. But it’s not easy to find homes for adult medium-large-sized dogs in Texas. Fortunately, friends and family adopted 4 of the dogs... Steve’s brother adopted Clyde, a 3-year-old deaf sharpei-cross; a friend adopted Parker and Spring, 2 senior pitbull-crosses; and Dr. Elena Contreras (veterinarian in Colorado) adopted Nolan, a 14-year-old border-collie-cross and Rich’s “favorite.” Nolan flew into Colorado in style on a private jet plane! (compliments of a donated flight from one of Dan’s friends!)

But there was still 1 dog remaining that needed a home.... Bonnie, a 3-year-old blue-heeler/herding dog-cross. But again thanks to Dan, after a long search and wait, Bonnie will be flying in style on a “Pilots and Paws” flight arranged by the non-profit “Flying Shepherd Ranch” to Colorado on Sunday, March 1st. Bonnie will be picked up at the Front Range Airport in Watkins, Colorado. And... there will also be a homecoming surprise waiting for Bonnie at the airport... Bonnie’s ol’ buddy, Nolan will be there to greet her (accompanied by Dr. Contreras)! Bonnie will then spend some days reuniting with Nolan and getting adjusted to Colorado life. She then already has a spot waiting for her at Humane Society of Boulder Valley. (HSBV has a 92% live release rate!) Bonnie will be sitting pretty and waiting to find her new forever family and home at HSBV soon! If you’re interested in adopting Bonnie before she arrives at HSBV, you can contact Dr. Contreras at

I'd also love to get some media coverage of Bonnie's arrival and reunion with Nolan - if any media outlets are interested?!

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