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The Top 10 Reasons to Choose medical clinic for Seasonal Illness

Colds, the flu, Covid-19, stomach viruses, and other seasonal illnesses can sneak up on you without warning. When the misery hits and you realize you need to be seen by a doctor, where should you turn? While your family doctor is always an option, for fast convenient service when you need it most, urgent centers remain a fan favorite. If you've never visited an medical clinic before, continuing reading and consider some of the most compelling reasons to do so.…


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What Is Telehealth?

At one time, getting sick required calling and making an appointment at your family doctor’s office, waiting until your appointment time, and then driving to the doctor's office. Upon arrival you had to drag your sick self into the office, where you would be stuck sitting in a waiting room, until a nurse called back to an exam room. Once in the exam room, you might wait some more until the doctor finally appeared to examine you. After all this trouble, you…


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FAQs About TMJ Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries. With the right treatment modalities, physical therapy can often bring pain relief and healing, allowing patients to forego more invasive measures such as surgery. One reason patients frequently seek the expertise of a physical therapist is for the treatment of persistent, reoccurring headaches. The reality is that there is often an underlying cause like Temporomandibular Joint…


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Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County Announces Three Winners of the Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

The Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County along with the Zonta Foothills Foundation (https://www.zontafoothills.org/) are proud to announce the winners of the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships.

Zonta International's JMK Women in Business Scholarship is available to women pursuing undergraduate and master's degrees in business management. It aims to help women overcome gender barriers, from the classroom to the…


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Can I Seek Treatment at An Urgent Care Facility If I Don't Have Medical Insurance?

If you find yourself in need of medical care, but you don't have insurance, you may be wondering what to do. As the popularity of urgent care centers continue to increase, you may wonder if this could be an option in getting the care you need if you don't have medical insurance. Sadly, many Americans find themselves in this situation; however, the good news is you can be seen at an urgent care clinic with or without medical insurance. Although, if you don’t…


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FAQs About Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapy

When hearing the word incontinence, do you automatically think of a pregnant woman or the elderly? While these populations commonly suffer from this condition, did you know that children can also be susceptible to improper voiding due to muscular dysfunction, resulting in incontinence, UTIs, frustration, and embarrassment? If your child is suffering from this condition, there is hope. Read on to learn more about pediatric pelvic floor therapy, so you are…


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FAQs About Family Medicine

If you find yourself in need of medical care, it may be difficult to know where to start. With urgent care clinics, family medicine, emergency rooms, and specialist doctors to choose from, getting the care you need may seem overwhelming. One important branch of the medical system is primary care doctors, often known as family doctors. While all parts of the medical system work together to offer the most comprehensive care, there is simply no replacement for a…


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Do Urgent Care Centers Handle Cases of Covid-19?

There are many viruses that circulate throughout the year. In 2020, Covid-19 arrived and seems to be here to stay. Just when one variant slows down, another one is quick to pop up and take its place. Thus, if you begin to experience symptoms of the latest Covid-19 strain, you may be wondering if urgent care is able to test, provide flu…


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