The new airport in Beijing is as impressive as everyone says. The new terminal 3 is as large as DIA. Beyond the airport, the whole city is Olympics crazed with banners, and signs everywhere. Many people are dressed to the max with Olympic wear. My evening was spent on Tieniman Square. The gate of the square has large Olympic theme diplays. It has become a large gathering place for in and out of towners. Most people were going picture crazy taking photos of friend and family members in front of these various themes. A few Chinese people asked they could have a picture with me. Oddly, I see very few westerners in the Square, which makes me stand out. Getting back to the hotel that night proved to be a bit of a problem. At around 10pm, all the taxi's are occupied. I attempted to share a ride with a couple of guys from Austrialia, but still no cabs. A couple of local university students observed our dilemma, and offered to guide us though the Beijing subway. This was a great boost to navigating the city. Signs are in both Chinese charaters and the English equivalent. Even the recording in the trains are announced in both English and Chinese.
Tomorrow morning is the men's bike race, which I hope to attend if not too jet lagged. Til then, see my photos from this evening at 2008 Olympic Photos

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