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Olympics - The People

Part of the Olympic experience is not only view the events, but also meeting people. There were many folks I met who were family and friends here to see and support their athletes. I spoke to a couple of Aussie’s at a boxing event. They were part of a special Australian group of Olympian parents who pooled together to make their trip arrangements and be with one another. At the women’s marathon starting line, some friends of the New Zealand runner,… Continue

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Olympics - Inside the Birds Nest

Last night, I attended the track and field events (formally known as ‘athletics’) in the National Stadium also known as the ‘Birds Nest’. The 91,000-person stadium is massive. Just circulating around the structure once is like walking two miles. The open air structure leaves for spectacular views of the Beijing skyline and the Olympic Green Village. The obtuse concrete pillars are architecturally interesting as they form complex web shapes of the… Continue

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Olympics - Ticket Challenge

Tickets for the Olympics have been challenge. If you did not think ahead like me, you’ve got to scramble in a number of different ways to get them. My first try was to check the standard web sites. is the official distributor of Olympic tickets for USA, Australia and the European Union. These were sold out. Next was on line auctions on e-bay, were I obtained a couple of pairs for under $100. No too bad.

Upon arrival is when it got interesting. It is illegal to sell… Continue

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The Large Venues of the Olympics

Incredibly, there are 30 different venues to house all the Olympic venues. Each is tailored to its' specific sport be it fencing, softball, basketball, etc. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all in the Olympic Village. The venues are scattered mostly in the northern outskirts of the city. It can be quite a challenge getting there, as not even the taxi drivers know exactly where they all are. Fortunately, I was able to snag a special Olympic map… Continue

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Landing in Beijing

The new airport in Beijing is as impressive as everyone says. The new terminal 3 is as large as DIA. Beyond the airport, the whole city is Olympics crazed with banners, and signs everywhere. Many people are dressed to the max with Olympic wear. My evening was spent on Tieniman Square. The gate of the square has large Olympic theme diplays. It has become a large gathering place for in and out of towners. Most people were going picture crazy taking photos of friend and family members in front of… Continue

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Olympics 2008 - Away We Go

Naturally, since I am a photographer, I will be taking pictures. I’ll be loading select photos onto MyTown. The album is located at: 2008 Olympic Photos I've uploaded a few shots from my visit to the Olympic Training Center. Watch for some of these athetes in Beijing! I’m hoping that the Daily Camera site is not blocked by the Chinese internet. My backup plan is to e-mail them to my contact at the Camera or use… Continue

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Beijing Olympics 2008 - Preparation

Whenever I travel internationally, I always like to have most of my logistics figured out before arrival. This leaves for more time touring and exploring. Frequently, I visit Europe that has become very easy for international travelers. China, on the other hand, is going to be a bit more challenging. Here is what I’m going to prepare.


Even the latest guidebooks on Beijing say western credit cards are generally not accepted at local merchants and ATM’s. Starting off… Continue

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Beijing Olympics 2008 - the Beginning

In late June, I was invited to a photography seminar at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The weeklong visit allowed the opportunity for professionals and "pro-amateurs" to perfect our sport photography technique by photographing some the USA's best athletes. This jarred my enthusiasm to attend the Olympics in person.

Admittedly, my travel arrangements seemed last minute with the event less than 8 weeks away. However a fellow photographer I met at the seminar and I… Continue

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