Hello, again, folks,
I am a professional landscape contractor specializing in "Xeriscape" installations / remodels.
( DoveGardens.com ) I do this because it's well past time for us to fix the things needed to make room for the next generations of Boulderites, Denverites, residents of Ft. Collins, and beyond. Conserving water by remodeling residential or commercial property landscape to be more efficient with water use is not a wrong thing to do. Conserved water can be available when the population continues to grow in our area. The population here will grow to the point where the may not be enough water to go around to all. What then ? It may be too late to reorganize water distribution then. That opportunity is now, and with us.
Too often I hear that prices quoted in our bids are too high. Really !! Well, just what is enough water for you and your children ? Would you rather the municipal government or the HOA in which you live, dictate just how many showers per week you and your children may take ? If the choice is between a selfish hoard of a few dollars and adequate residential water supply next year and beyond; do you think boiling the few dollars saved will make the money drinkable ? What will you do during the inevitable drought cycle in our semi-desert area when water is tightly restricted ? Water, like other natural resources, is finite. When snowpack runoff is not enough to fill downstream reservoirs, it will be too late and much more costly to remodel a residential or commercial property landscape to better water efficiency.
If we continue to gamble our future on a short-sighted illusion that someday, someway, prices for everything are coming down to our own level of financial comfortability, we do more harm than good to the children and grandchildren who are here and are no illusion. They learn to be clever but masochistic, cheapskates who don't have to pay full pice for anything. They learn from their parents how to buy cheap but not how to make wise financial decisions based upon long term goals. Children then can only aspire to be well dressed, well groomed, well spoken, gypsies.I know with certainty that we all can do better. I know with certainty that properly planned and constructed xeriscape will save $$$ and maintenance effort in the long run.
Living in our part of Colorado is just about as easy as living anywhere else. Cost of living is high here, like everywhere else. But this city of Boulder is where I've made my home. I work to live here. Corporate employers must roll with the economy as does the grocer, the auto mechanic, the bank teller, the gas station owner, the landscapers, etc. We who desire to make a home here must get creative to make ends meet. Short-sightedness has got to fall away in favor of committing to our area as "Home" for the long run.
Boulder and surrounding Boulder County is a terrific place to live. It's a on-of-a-kind place that always seems to be a work in progress. I'm glad to be a part of that progress. I'm glad to be pushing forward to resource responsibility along with so many others who live here. Loosely working together toward resource sustainability, we can make this area even better. Are you and your children with us ?
Much health and happiness to you and yours.

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