"Welcome back My Friends to the Show that never ends ......" Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Hello folks,
It's been almost long enough since my last posting that I might have forgotten how to get here. Feeling lucky, I gave it a shot.
A lot has happened since my last post. Major change is the demise of my Xeriscape/Landscape contracting company. A unpleasant event I will just have to live through, I suppose.
Getting back up on the horse that bit me, my ailing landscape company that died in 4th quarter of '08, has it's own set of problems. With my company ( Dove Gardens LLC ) gone, I must find ways to get back into working again.
I love working with the soils, bringing garden beds back to life, constructing new, accessible garden beds, clean-up of established beds, maintenance of conventional or alternative turf grasses, installation of shrubs, perennials, trees, and/or turf and ornamental grasses.
Opportunities have risen for me to take on a "JOB" that pays a steady salary, commute to larger cities or even move to a more urban environment where the "JOB" hunting is heavy on the competitive spirit. That would be a bit easier on my wife if we moved to a more urban setting to start our life together all over but I would miss seeing Dinosaur Mountain with a cloud hat, the Red Garden Wall dusted by a fresh spring snow, the blooming wildflowers of the open spaces in mid June. With the economy of Boulder in roller coaster mode, it's not a great time to start over here, but the economy in other regions is still dicey. Boulder has been my home for too long to move to an unfamiliar new start for both my wife and I in our middle age. Conventional wisdom advises us to move to one of the coasts and eek out a living there, but I'm not anywhere near to being conventional. Probably my downfall, but for every down there is an up.
We, that is my wife, Penny, and our cats, will find a new house or apartment, either for sale( really cheap ) or rent or for partial trade, and I will start a new company to serve the landscaping and gardening needs of Boulder County's residential and income property owners again. We will make some changes due to the learning experience of having a small company fail down all around our ears. We will offer some service work for trade of goods or services. We may even be able to run a crew of helpers. Focus will be on providing high quality services and products at fair and reasonable prices.
With the new changes that I'm looking forward to will be a new website, new e-mail account, new methods of payment for our work. Our new company, tentatively named PHATDOVE ENTERPRISES, will be accepting cash, local bank drafts, or e-Check and credit cards through our PayPal.com account. Let us know if we can help your landscape or garden beds right now.Contact Phone # 303 499 0921
Mobile # ( for now ) 303 803 6738
e-Mail fatdove52@gmail.comMuch health and happiness to you and yours.L. Nowak
Boulder, Co.

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