Boulder Loses a Community to Californication – over 60 residents displaced.

A true un-intentional community, that just came together. A place where Boulder children could raise their Boulder children. That’s what the “Arapahoe Clusters”,on the corner of Merritt Drive and Eisenhower, is to about 60 people.


We have all been blessed to be able to live in a wonderful family-owned complex, built by Jack Lippoldt in the ‘70s, and later managed by his children.  Jack passed a few years ago, and his children are ready to retire themselves, they have all been wonderful support for all of the many families that have rented from them.

The Lippoldts sold the property and the deal closed on the 15th to a man named Brady, now Merritt Townhomes, LLC. A developer who found way to turn get rid of the community and turn a larger a profit as... that is the new Boulder.

May 18th - Notice given to ALL residents to be out June 30th. Immediately our trash dumpsters taken on Monday, still not here Friday. What a slap in the face.  


Several residents like myself have been here for 20 years, many here for 5-10 years. Only a couple of units ever turned over. Most residents on month to months for many, many years. Yes, they may give the option of renting our units again, but more than double our current rates! Californication, San Francisco moved to the Rockies……progress?


Our lives have been turned upside-down for better or worse. We all have to move, and most can’t stay in Boulder.  If they choose to keep their jobs in Boulder they will have to commute, further contributing to the commuter congestions  - yeah, progress in Boulder. Some had plans for the rest of the year here at least… now those plans have to change. The children will most likely have to change schools, unless they are able to open enroll.


Our children born and raised in Boulder having to leave their community and their support system. I’ve lived here for 20 years, probably time for me to move on anyway, but my childhood friend, her three daughters, their partners, their children, their step-sister and her family, and their cousin, and a few of their friends…. It isn’t just a bunch of random people, (we occupy 8 units) and somewhat like that on the other end of the complex, all long-term residents.


We are the base of the Boulder Community, teachers, childcare workers, trash collectors, college students, construction workers, single parents, families, friends, webmasters, house cleaners, pychologists, and more… all a working part of the Boulder community….vanishing.


Here’s what describes our Village: Family, friends, sharing meals, many birthday parties old and young, shared holiday meals, many stoves to cook in, room for more people in the in the courtyards when the weather is good. Births, deaths, graduations. Caring for the pets, and children. People you can trust. Community gardening, help with moving things, help with childcare, help with vehicles and rides, borrow condiments, sugar, milk.  Coffee in the morning with whoever is outside. Morning chats, evening chats, bouncy castle birthday parties, BBQs in the court yard. Shovel sidewalks, pick up trash, pull weeds.. keep the place looking pretty nice.. Vanishing from this neighborhood.


Now to be fenced off, so that those who can afford it can close themselves in behind their new gates.

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