BradyVan Matre and Merritt Properties LLC Trash the place.

Last Monday, the residents on the Arapaho Clusters on Merritt Dr.and Eisenhower, were given notice the all residents of the 20 units needs to vacate by June 30.,  

The trash dumpsters were taken away, and Brady, provide trash facilities to the current residents. There is a dump truck on one end of the complex that people can put their trash by, and finally a couple receptacles, but definitely not enough for 20 units, only a few who talked to the construction crew knew about the dump truck, mostly it was closed so people had to put their trash on the side anyway.... with many raccoon in the neighborhood, this is very inviting. 

Where is the dumpster and why the hold up from the company he chose?

When I call to talk to the new owner, he started by interrupting me, trying to speak over me, and then actually hung up on me.  He is in the wrong and starts to yelled at me, and hung up! 

This was fully unprofessional, and not a way to treat human beings.

Want to cal and complain, 303-668-2222. 

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