Colorado Ski Tunes Edges Out the Competition with Fast, Convenient Tuning

A unique ski tuning service will get skiers and snowboarders ready for action on the slopes this season, without ever having to leave home. Colorado Ski Tunes provides professional ski and snowboard tuning and repair through a convenient pickup and delivery service, all within the same price range as retail ski tuning. With a 48-hour turnaround time, and pick up and delivery from the home or office, Colorado Ski Tunes provides the most efficient and highest quality tuning service in the area. Service area boundaries are as far north as Longmont, south as Highlands Ranch, west as Golden and east as Aurora.

Prices range from $22.50 for a Basic ski or board tune to $40 for a Professional Tune. A basic wax and scrape is $12.50. A 24-hour delivery service and ski or board (not binding) repair services are also available for additional fees. The company’s pick up and delivery fees vary, based on the number of stops, not the amount of gear. For instance it costs the same in delivery fees to pick up one board as it would to pick up ten pairs of skis. Getting the neighbors together to have all the skis tuned at once is a great way to save money. All new customers get two tunes for the price of one as well as free pickup and delivery.

Why Tune?
As skis or boards are used throughout the season, the skier or rider begins to lose performance and stability. The edges dull and the base of the skis or snowboard can begin to dry out thus making gliding over the snow slower and turning difficult, diminishing the overall performance of the equipment. Regular tuning keeps the edges sharp and free from rust, and prolongs the life of the ski or snowboard.

Colorado Ski Tunes provides quality stone grind tuning and hot wax and scrape performed by hand. Most shops perform this with a machine and the wax will remain on the ski for 3-8 runs. Hand waxing allows the wax to stay on the ski for up to 3 days worth of skiing. Wax reduces friction by creating a barrier between the snow and the equipment. Without this barrier the gear will feel sluggish and old.

With heavy use the base of the equipment will lose its form and stone grinding the base will keep it flat and structured, improving the performance of the gear. A stone grind flattens the base and applies a new structure. Structure improves stability and makes the equipment easier to turn. The stone grind also creates turbulence underneath the equipment, therefore reducing suction of the equipment to the snow.

The average skier should get their equipment waxed every two to three days of use and tuned about every five days of use or as the board or skis begin to lose their performance ability. As snow conditions change so will the need to keep the gear tuned. Sharp edges and a strong base are important when conditions are hard-packed and icy. These conditions also remove wax quicker than soft snow.

About Colorado Ski Tunes
Brad Wolfe, owner of Boulder’s eco-friendly lawn care service Organo-Lawn, started Colorado Ski Tunes in 2006 as a way to keep his superior lawn technicians busy during the off season. Brad purchased state-of-the-art tuning equipment and trained his best technicians to perform the finest tunes around. Colorado Ski Tunes also carries on with the parent company’s overall green business commitment: Colorado Ski Tune’s delivery trucks are fueled with B100 clean burning biodiesel; the office and shop are powered by 100 percent wind energy; the shop is illuminated by highly efficient, low wattage light; all service technicians are outfitted with 100 percent organic cotton shirts; and the company is looking at a recycled wax program to further reduce their overall carbon footprint. For more information visit or call 303-499-2000.

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Comment by Randall on December 7, 2009 at 10:13pm
Sounds like a great service. I also like to have my own ski tuning tools to keep my skis in tip top shape in beteween major services.


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