Faustson Adds Quick-Turn Prototype Cell, New Zeiss CMM

New capabilities respond to industry trends and customer demands


Arvada, Colo. — Faustson Tool (www.faustson.com), a worldwide leader in five-axis manufacturing technology, has expanded its capabilities, adding quick-turn prototyping capabilities to its existing line-up of high-precision machining services, as well as a new Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Faustson added these new capabilities in response to industry trends and customer requests that have produced growing demand for these types of services.


“We work closely with many of our clients, and know their processes and specifications very well,” said Faustson’s Director of Operations Heidi Hostetter. “They know our parts are ‘dock to stock,’ and that we deliver exceptional quality, so they can trust that our rapid prototype work will meet the same high standards.”


Hostetter notes that Faustson was already providing rapid prototyping services to several customers as part of its standard mix of services, and that adding a dedicated department helps their team be more responsive to a growing volume of projects in this arena. “Ball Aerospace was one of the first to approach us to discuss their need for true five-axis capabilities in a quick-turn environment, and we were happy to respond.”


This new service at Faustson Tool allows its customers to augment the capabilities of their in-house development team and improve their competitive position in their respective industries. The experts at Faustson review prototype designs and make suggestions that may make manufacturing faster, easier, and reduce costs, helping to keep new product lines moving forward and reducing time to market.


New CMM Supports Rapid Prototyping

The company’s new Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) provides an upgrade in speed and size for the Faustson quality inspection team.


“This new instrument gives our quality inspectors the ability to work faster and program final part inspections with fewer setups than ever before,” said Faustson’s Director of Operations Heidi Hostetter. “It helps us keep up with a growing volume of work, including rapid prototyping, which has customers relying on us to meet or exceed specifications on every part.”


The Zeiss CONTURA G2 Bridge CMM features VAST scanning for form inspections at maximum speed with high-quality results. Its fully articulating probe head is a great match for the complex five-axis mill work Faustson specializes in. Parts can be inspected in a manner similar to the way they are machined, and complex profiles can be easily verified. Ceramic guideways in X and Z, along with air bearings on all axes, provide rigidity and high stability at high travel speeds.


The new Zeiss CMM offers a measuring range, in inches, of 39.4, 63.0, and 23.6 for the X, Y, and Z axes, respectively. This enormous footprint compliments Faustson’s large five-axis mills. It uses CALYPSO metrology software, and both inspectors at Faustson have recently completed Calypso Advanced Training from Carl Zeiss metrology. The software allows inspectors to program from a CAD model before a physical part is even available, adding to the company’s quick-turn abilities.


Faustson’s role as a trusted partner allows many of its clients to streamline the inspection process and other administrative routines that can slow the creation and delivery of products. The company’s expanded prototyping services are ideal for clients seeking quick-turn access to high-mix, low-volume, high-precision mechanical parts.


Faustson is a woman-owned and -operated business that serves customers across the nation and internationally. The company holds a number of government contracts, and manufactured the optical substrate for the Kepler space telescope launched in 2009 to find earth-like planets scattered across the galaxy. Faustson is currently performing work related to the United States’ F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter development effort, as well as commercial and military missile-deflection efforts now underway. Plans are underway to provide more services to Europe starting in 2012.


Call Faustson at (303) 420-7422 to arrange for a tour of the company’s Arvada, CO facility and a demonstration of some of its cutting-edge manufacturing and machining technologies.


About Faustson Tool

Faustson Tool, a worldwide leader in the machining industry, provides services for clients worldwide in the medical, aerospace, aeronautics, defense, semiconductor and other industries. The company, founded in 1982, provides 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling and 5-axis EDM services, as well as turning capabilities for cutting-edge custom part production, and efficient production of standard parts. Faustson Tool is woman owned and operated. For more information, visit www.faustson.com, email info@faustson.com or call (303) 420-7422.

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