Is Your Pharmacy Out Of Armour® Thyroid? Here’s A Solution.

Across the country, large quantities of Armour® Thyroid are on backorder. Many pharmacies report having difficulty filling prescriptions until new Armour® Thyroid shipments reach distributors, drugstores and pharmacies. But if you live in Colorado and rely on the hormone replacement therapy, there is a solution. PenCol Compounding Pharmacy, located at 1325 S. Colorado Boulevard Suite B-024, has the medication in stock and can fill any prescription. “It is important for our patients to know that if they need Armour® Thyroid, we can compound it for them.” said Marshall Tobin, owner of PenCol Compounding Pharmacy. Forest Laboratories announced on its website that it does not have enough of the active ingredient, powdered Thyroid gland, in stock to produce the medication. The company has indicated that they cannot provide an estimated date when the product will be available. “While the manufacturer may be out of the key ingredients necessary to make the medication, we are not” said Tobin. “PenCol Compounding Pharmacy has large supply of strong strength Armour® Thyroid in stock. We can compound to any prescription. We can even compound it down to weaker strengths if necessary in order to meet the needs of our patients.” Armour® Thyroid is considered a natural hormone replacement therapy because the thyroid glands are collected from USDA-approved grain-fed pigs. The thyroids are processed, dried, powdered, and compounded to produce Armour® Thyroid tablets. Since the amount of thyroid hormone present in the thyroid gland may vary from animal to animal, the T4 and T3 are measured in both the raw material and in the actual tablets. This ensures that Armour Thyroid tablets are the same from tablet to tablet. Millions of Americans require treatment for hypothyroidism (low thyroid activity) Armour® Thyroid is a type of hormone replacement therapy that differs from other therapies in two important ways: • It is not a synthetic compound. • It provides both of the key thyroid hormones levothyroxine (T4) and L-triiodothyronine (T3). “It is imperative that patients understand that we not making a generic substitute. We are compounding from concentrated Armour ® Thyroid tablets. This is the real thing.” said Tobin. About PenCol Compounding Pharmacy: Family owned and operated for over 40-years in Denver, Colorado, Pencol responds to doctors and patients needs when medications are unavailable or require modification. PenCol is known for providing personal attention and making sure all medications meet the highest industry standards.

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