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How Long Does the Flu Vaccine Last?

The flu vaccine is something that many people are curious about. They want to know how long it lasts and how effective it is. This article will provide an evidence-based analysis of the flu shot's longevity in protecting against the flu.…


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FAQ's About Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Stubborn backpain can be one of the most debilitating ailments to afflict a person. Nearly every move a person makes involves the spine and the muscles in the back. Thus, if you are dealing with chronic pain, it can have a negative impact on your quality of life and well-being. The good news is there is hope for back pain when you choose physical therapy. While there are still situations that may require more invasive medical treatments, physical therapy is a…


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What Is a Primary Care Doctor?

A primary care or family doctor is a physician that specializes in routine medical care for the whole family. A primary care doctor’s office is typically the first place you will visit if you are sick or in need of an annual physical. A family doctor can help treat and manage a wide range of medical conditions and illnesses. Furthermore, if you are in need of specialist care, your family doctor will be responsible for referring you to the appropriate person.…


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Gone But Never Forgotten

Baseline Junior High. This is the place where I 

Broke all of the rules, right as I was breaking myself.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy

If your doctor has recommended physical therapy following an accident, injury, or illness, you may have many questions regarding the process. While many people come with preconceived ideas about what physical therapy entails, modern treatment modalities have evolved over time and therapists treat conditions ranging from back injuries to incontinence and everything in between. Physical therapy is one of the single most beneficial things you can do to improve…


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Everything You Need To Know About Arthritis

Arthritis is a common yet deeply debilitating medical condition, characterized by pain and impaired mobility of the joints. Prior accidents, heredity, age, and other factors influence the type of arthritis, severity, and level of discomfort it causes to those it afflicts. As a chronic condition, having the right medical practitioner to give you an initial diagnosis and preside over your ongoing treatment will be important in ensuring you live a comfortable…


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What Is TMJ Physical Therapy?

Patients frequently seek physical therapy to address the pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, also known as TMD. This condition results from an improper functioning of the jaw resulting in pain and headaches. Since the issue stems from a malfunctioning in the temporomandibular joint, this disorder is interchangeably referred to as TMJ. For the purposes of this article, TMD will be referred to as TMJ going forward.…


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Is Urgent Care More Affordable Than Going to the ER?

Urgent care centers are springing up all over the country and are becoming an important part of our healthcare system. Whereas we were once constrained to normal business hours at a family doctor's office or forced to go to the ER, if we got sick after hours, with the advent of urgent care centers, there is another option. While there are many great reasons to consider visiting an urgent care instead of the ER, one of the most powerful reasons is to save…


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When To Start Postpartum Physical Therapy?

Birthing a baby is hard work; after all, they don't call it labor for nothing. The weight of carrying a pregnancy, combined with the strain caused by giving birth, can take a toll on a mother's body. Issues related to painful intercourse, incontinence, discomfort, diastasis recti, and other postpartum issues (related to the health of a woman's pelvic floor) can all benefit from postpartum physical therapy. As a matter of fact, today's medical providers often…


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