Chicken Little, the Curbside Prophet meet at a national summit

So what would happen if Chicken Little and a couple of sandwich board prophets attended a G8 Summit or something like it?

Imagine the conversation if the world's greatest minds got together, and the discussion included "I told you! Why didn't your listen?" from the two socially least likely to have a clue about national and global finance issues.
It's intersting that now we have governors turning away the stimulus offering, congressmen talking about an additional stimulus program, and Chinese investors urging the U.S. to be careful with the way it throws around money.

Dare I say maybe the Chinese have it right for once?

Say what you want about quality and pay scale, but they are investing in our country's bad debt. And at a rate that is far beyond most anyone else. Why do we need a foreign country to buy our bad debt anyway? Maybe it is because U.S. businesses are too busy being profit-making middlemen than manufacturers. And if that is the case, does the numerous laws regulating, no hamstringing, how businesses can operate in relation to the environment have anything to do with it.

Then just today, March 14, there it was. One more piece in the puzzle that only a few years ago was called religious fiction. A Nigerian official suggested more people follow the way of the Euro... with a single unit of currency worldwide.

So what would happen if a growing number of states politely told Presiden Obama and Congress "No thanks. We will find our way through this mess without the stimulus money."? What would happen if we spent less time with our hand out and more time with it getting caloused with a legitimate day of work?

It seems if Wall Street's ebb and flow does nothing else, it shows what greed will do. Profit seldom happens overnight, and if it does, it will likely be fleeting like a ponzi scheme that will eventually go bust.

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