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Expensive "compassion"

When President Obama and supporting members of Congress touted the new health care plan, since coined as "Obamacare," voters were told it must be done to help the millions of people who do not have health insurance, and what a travesty it is for a person not to have proper insurance. We were told that the savings in health costs would make up for the cost of the program. Further, legislators were asking why wouldn't we want to help those who can't afford health insurance.




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Why all the unclaimed scholarships?

There's free money, and then again there is money that costs very little.

I'm like anyone else. As soon as I create an email account, I become a magnet for every world cure to pass through a deceptive mind. I get offers to cure my credit card debt, of which I have none, free money the government is trying to give away, and processes to make unbelieveable money online for only hours a week.These electronic do-gooders are actually better said the best of fisher men. Fishing is about…


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A dark anniversary

I wish I had a dollar for each cheap cliché I've heard during the last three years. Many of them I've tried to forget.

The best one though, is some variation of "Time heals all wounds."

Sorry, but losing one's only child is not that superficial. And, if it is that thin, I question the depth of the relationship between the deceased child and the parents.

I'm not sure who came up with that, but Time personified has about as much chance of healing as a mechanic does of properly… Continue

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Revisionism again, or blatant treason

I must apologize to all of the extensive make-believe audience I write to periodically.

It seems I took a Rip Van Winkle nap and woke up in a different country.

When the valley pollen took over my senses, I was in a country that was Christian. We had chaplains of Christian churches at many public events and prisons. We had a president that shared his opinion on faith, who professed his own faith in God. The reality of his faith was the real question, but nevertheless, we as a… Continue

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Truth and fantasy

So the latest issue to pop up on the airwaves makes it even clearer that the Bush Administration has left the building. There is a video making its way through cyberspace with President Obama making it abundantly clear that get darker just before they go completely black.

The video, apparently edited from an interview, has Obama saying electricty will go up. The cost of heat, operating appliances, doing business, even the cost of "green" all-electric automobiles, the famous and happy… Continue

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Chicken Little, the Curbside Prophet meet at a national summit

So what would happen if Chicken Little and a couple of sandwich board prophets attended a G8 Summit or something like it?

Imagine the conversation if the world's greatest minds got together, and the discussion included "I told you! Why didn't your listen?" from the two socially least likely to have a clue about national and global finance issues.

It's intersting that now we have governors turning away the stimulus offering, congressmen talking about an additional stimulus… Continue

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The almost-best of gifts

Not sure if I'm having some latent end-of-year emotions or what, but I've been thinking lately.

Maybe this "Chicken Little" attitude isn't such a bad thing. Maybe people being creative with their money instead of buying little Johnny any and every thing he wants will come back as a blessing.

I have to admit there's very little that I need right now; materially. I have a decent home, reliable transportation, recreation opportunities, and a sampling of the latest technologies. I… Continue

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