I must apologize to all of the extensive make-believe audience I write to periodically.
It seems I took a Rip Van Winkle nap and woke up in a different country.

When the valley pollen took over my senses, I was in a country that was Christian. We had chaplains of Christian churches at many public events and prisons. We had a president that shared his opinion on faith, who professed his own faith in God. The reality of his faith was the real question, but nevertheless, we as a nation considered it almost heresy not to consider ourselves a Christian nation.

The definition was likely in name only, and often in comparison to other countries, but still. It was stated as fact. We were politically and historically a Christian nation.

That is until the president so clearly elected only a few months ago, tells the public, while speaking directly to the president of Turkey, that we do not call ourselves a Christian nation.

Mr. President, with due respect, I need to ask when Christianity became a minority? Is it possible then that all of the badmouthing said by the naysayers before the election were right? Whose side are you on? Mr. President, if we, the two of us, as men, were on speaking terms, I would ask for an afternoon at a good coffee shop where we could sort this out.

My concern is that the most of the strongest nations in the world are those whose government aligns itself tightly with a specific religion. We have grown so dispassionate about our past, we welcome anything, wrapping our reasoning in some misunderstood separation clause. I would challenge historians to consider: Did the founding fathers want the government to be free from religion, or religion free from government? There is a difference, you know.

So please wish that I wake up and discover this is a bad dream. Until then...

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Comment by yossi cohen on December 4, 2009 at 4:30am
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