I wish I had a dollar for each cheap cliché I've heard during the last three years. Many of them I've tried to forget.
The best one though, is some variation of "Time heals all wounds."
Sorry, but losing one's only child is not that superficial. And, if it is that thin, I question the depth of the relationship between the deceased child and the parents.
I'm not sure who came up with that, but Time personified has about as much chance of healing as a mechanic does of properly performing heart surgery. Time is nothing more than a measurement of existence. It is a tool no different than a yard stick or a tape measure. It can measure the distance between Point A and Point B, even though the points are theoretical moments in thought.
Three years ago, time suddenly stopped. The immediate reaction is that the world stopped for us, and us alone. Initially, that was probably correct. But as we moved away from that exact moment, we met others who went through similar experiences.It didn't lessen the loss, but it did make us feel a little less alone with it.
Apparently, there is an accepted time line when most people experience grief as very raw during the first five to seven years. It doesn't surprise us, but sometimes I do wish others knew that little factoid. This thought is completely contradictory to the people who would tell us, or try to imply that we need to "just get over it."
If it were that easy, I would have to question your value of human life, and the relationships built in this experience called life.
Even with the fallacies used in Hollywood's artistic license, there is some truth in movies like "Final Destination." The truth is simple. We don't know when it is our turn. It could be a disease or biological malfunction hidden in the body, or a truck that didn't see the stop sign at the next intersection, or a host of other issues that could happen, many that we have no control over, yet impact us just the same.
The reality is life has meaning by who we include in it: friends, co-workers, business associates, and most importantly -- God. I didn't say religion, I said God, the god of the Holy Bible.

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