There's free money, and then again there is money that costs very little.

I'm like anyone else. As soon as I create an email account, I become a magnet for every world cure to pass through a deceptive mind. I get offers to cure my credit card debt, of which I have none, free money the government is trying to give away, and processes to make unbelieveable money online for only hours a week.These electronic do-gooders are actually better said the best of fisher men. Fishing is about luring an underwater creature away from what is real to to what only looks real, hooking it for someone else's dinner, the oldest of "bait and switch" scams. It is also why many spam emails are known to have "fishing" sequences attached.

But here's a deeper question. Why do so many students, or is it schools, pass up scholarships with minimal work attached? Why are there scholarships that require no more than a reference or two, and a specific direction academically, getting disregarded -- possibly for no more reason than they only offer a couple hundred dollars per award?

Imagine being the "average student" trying to finance school, struggled through high school, watching scholarships go by because they apply to the high achievers. Guess what, RE-1 Valley students. You're not out of the running, especially if you're considering education, and attending Northeastern Junior College on the way. Even at NJC, every little bit helps, and if you're attending NJC, $250 per year could go a long way.

Contact me if this is you. The Re-1 Foundation may have a check with your name on it.

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