So the latest issue to pop up on the airwaves makes it even clearer that the Bush Administration has left the building. There is a video making its way through cyberspace with President Obama making it abundantly clear that get darker just before they go completely black.

The video, apparently edited from an interview, has Obama saying electricty will go up. The cost of heat, operating appliances, doing business, even the cost of "green" all-electric automobiles, the famous and happy alternative to fossil fuels, will spike. These "conveniences" will spike because our president has set a limit on greenhouse gas production.

So what is there to say our stopping all of this pointless fossil fuel consumption, as many of the granola-eating tree huggers demand, will be followed by other nations? China is the leader and yet the dumping ground, according to the big boys in the media. Claims have been posted that industrial countries ship electronic waste to China as if it is a global landfill. Really? If there wasn't a plan with the Chinese benefitting, doesn't it seem the government would have derailed the idea immediately? We can pace the floor, wring our hands in dispair cry out to a god we deny exists and still fail to see that for all of its faults, China's government still knows what comes into its country. You can't ship a few metric tons of broken parts without someone knowing.

Yet we Americans are supposed to feel bad -- three more lashes for our success.

Electric cars were on the drawing board long before Obama was out of law school. Then they were buried like a bad idea. Now, they are treated like the newest flavor in all-natural bread. The idea isn't new, the acceptance by government is.

And further, how many people are really understanding how deep the government is involved in private business? How many people remember the philosophies of early America; the simplest government is the best, keep government out of private business, support a free economy... You can't have a free economy, a micro-managing federal government and generations of enabled citizens all in the same society. There will be a conflict.

It looks as though we might be on the low side of a cycle predicted many years ago. It has been said that governments exist on a cycle: democracy, aristocracy, and communism. The more people see what the government can give them, the less it is free and the more it becomes an enabling socialist regime. Left to its end, it becomes a form of communism and people eventually rebel, feeding into the top end of democracy... until people again get used to being fed instead of feeding themselves.

The truth is everything, even God, has a cost. The fantasy is that we can stand in line and get perfect service every time, no matter the need, without it costing us. Its time to pull our heads out of the sand and realize what kind of a target we're leaving those in charge. The fantasy is quickly changing to horror.

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