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Put your Love on the Line, hang your clothes

For immediate release                         Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Contacts:  Bonnie Sundance, director, Our Sacred Earth. Email:

Stele Ely. Email:


Put your Love on the Line, hang your clothes



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First Oval Office

Two hundred forty years ago General George Washington, the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, took to the field with his troops and spent the next eight years engaging in a military campaign to secure freedom for our patriot ancestors and their posterity. He made some of…


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Joseph Campbell Workshop: Cri de Coeur (The Hearts' Cry for Meaning)

Update 1/27: This event has been cancelled. 

Contact: Steve O'Bryan | | 720-917-9340…


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Teen on Anti-Bullying Tour is Being Bullied Again

Local teen in the spotlight for her fight against bullying is being bullied behind-the-scenes.

Maya Claridge, a freshman at Legacy High School, is no stranger to bullying.  She was bullied for over two years in middle school and says it was the “darkest and loneliest time” of her life.  With the hope…


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Brian Cooper, the Mars rover controller

             In the film “The Martian,” Matt Damon stars as a biologist who is left on Mars by his crewmembers.  Although this seems like science fiction, Brian Cooper, robotic engineer for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, says this is closer to reality than many would believe.

            As part of the team that helped build the software, which makes it possible to control the Mars Exploration Rover, Cooper is much closer to visiting Mars than most other people on planet…


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Colorado Author, Kevin Fury, publishes debut novel Hawthorne, Druid Spirit Chronicles Book One.

Hawthorne brings us a pickup truck-driving, Ruger-packing heroine who takes to the Colorado woods for solitude, only to be attacked by a pack of mythological fae-creatures.

Look for the book at Boulder Bookstore and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and…


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Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County Spreading the Word Against Gender Violence Around Boulder County

The month of November is officially Zonta Says No month in Boulder and around the world. Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County is taking this effort very seriously and working hard with local…


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Zonta Foothills Club of Boulder County Says NO to Violence Against Women!

We live in a world where women live in constant danger. It’s a harsh reality to learn that: 1 in 3 women around the world will experience physical/sexual violence by a partner … About 140M women suffer from female genital mutilation/cutting. Three million girls a year are at risk … Globally, 38% of all murdered…


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Zonta EducateZ Helps Women Go Back to School

Around the world there are an estimated 93 million children not in school, 48.4 million are girls. Zonta International has increased access to educational opportunities and vocational skills training for girls and young women in Africa, Asia and South America. Zonta Foothills Club is working hard to make a difference here in Boulder.

Through the…


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Walker Ranch Heritage Baseball game was a BLAST!

While the Walker Range Heritage Baseball game (click to see more pictures) didn't quite have as many spectators (or "cranks" as they were called 150 years ago), it was a gorgeous day for…


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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Join West End Salon as they honor their Founder, Deandra Trevino, in an Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fundraiser!

Through September, donations will be collected at West End Salon for the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Donors names will be displayed on teal ribbons throughout the…


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12 Year Old Boulder Resident Receives a Platform Lift



BOULDER, COLO. – August 24th,  2015 – A two-part accessible home modification project was completed by the Home Builders Foundation (HBF)…


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Artist Rebecca Cuming paints the raw emotion and seduction of heroin use

Show title:   D E E P  H O R I Z O N S

As you step into Rebecca’s large, rich and layered landscapes you are transformed, shaped and drawn into a time warp of past and current culture.


Show runs: JULY 10- JULY 26th 2015

OPENING RECEPTION:   FRI  7/10  6-10 pm 

Location: PIRATE Contemporary…


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SkillShare of Boulder County Celebrates 70,000 Hours of Services Exchanged Among Members with No Money Involved

Boulder, Colorado – June 11, 2015  --  SkillShare, Boulder County’s TimeBank, is celebrating a great milestone! Over 70,000 hours of service, skills, and assistance have been exchanged among SkillShare members.  During the 12-1/2 years SkillShare has been in existence, 477 individual members have made 11,940 exchanges, including services (provided and received) and gifts to other members. 

No money was involved in these exchanges, because SkillShare, as a TimeBank, uses an alternative…


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HOOCHIE COOCHIE RAVING REVIEW Buzzards Roost Bar & grill in Lamar Colorado

The prairie lands remained cool from what was left of the 2015 winter on May 9th Mother's Day weekend. Such a long winter for many Colorado folks. Towns all the way from Denver to Lamar surprised & penetrated by the lingering coolness that prevailed onto the farmland & prairie countryside. I was lucky to…


Added by Patrick C Allen on June 8, 2015 at 12:30pm — 17 Comments

There goes the neighborhood

I guess some more of the neighbors aren't very happy, since given notice to move and no trash service for a week. 

Added by Debby West on May 24, 2015 at 2:30pm — No Comments

BradyVan Matre and Merritt Properties LLC Trash the place.

Last Monday, the residents on the Arapaho Clusters on Merritt Dr.and Eisenhower, were given notice the all residents of the 20 units needs to vacate by June 30.,  

The trash dumpsters were taken away, and Brady, provide trash facilities to the current residents. There is a dump truck on one end of the complex that people can put their trash by, and finally a couple receptacles, but definitely not enough for 20 units, only a few who talked to the construction crew knew about the dump…


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Boulder Loses a Community to Californication – over 60 residents displaced.

A true un-intentional community, that just came together. A place where Boulder children could raise their Boulder children. That’s what the “Arapahoe Clusters”,on the corner of Merritt Drive and Eisenhower, is to about 60 people.


We have all been blessed to be able to live in a wonderful family-owned…


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Broadway on Main

Longmont Theatre is trying to Illuminate the Marquee. We are so close to having raised the funds needed to get the Marquee repaired. Come check it out June 5, 6 at 7:30 pm or June 7 at 2 pm. A Broadway review of music from past LTC shows. We are excited to get the 'gem' of downtown relit. August will be the lighting of the building.

Added by Tracy Cravens on May 21, 2015 at 9:42am — No Comments

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